Greek investigatory reporter Yorgos Karaivaz shot dead in Athens

Death awaited Greek investigatory reporter Yorgos Karaivaz before his residence in the suburb of Alimos, on the borders of Athens.

At around 2.30 p.m. on 9 April, thus numerous various other Fridays after the program of the program Truths with Zina on the exclusive Star TV network, Karaivaz, 52, born in Drama (northeast Greece), parked in a park near his residence, uninformed that this time his end was near.

Yorgos Karaivaz shot dead in Athens

His murderer had actually come to the scene seven mins previously on a scooter driven by another man, took out a 9 mm gun with a silencer (unregistered) as well as implemented him in cold blood from the automobile. 6 bullets hit the sufferer’s upper body, 2 in the head, one in the neck as well as one in the left hand.

According to the autopsy, the shots to the head went to point-blank range, the last ones, and the foe completed him off on the asphalt where at least 13 shell housings were discovered. Only one community employee that was in the park experienced the scene. “It all took place in less than 15 seconds,” he told ANT1.

It is not known if his better half and also son were at the residence and also if they were also aware of what was taking place, however, a safety electronic camera tape-recorded the arrival of the motorcyclists, one using headgear and also the other a mask, headscarf and also woolen hat.

The Greek authorities have not yet said whether a suspicious death has been officially registered. But there is reason to believe that it was an assassination.

Karaivzas had recently published an article about the possible involvement of certain high-ranking politicians and oligarchs in organized crime, which could explain why he was killed.

He also criticized the failure of the police investigation into the murder of another prominent investigative journalist.

The decrease of press flexibility

A week later on, these are the only known facts available to the Greek authorities, in addition to the assurance that it was definitely the job of “experts”.

Cold, computed (someone would have warned the attackers when the reporter left the terminal), without any obvious intention (Karaivaz never ever requested for security, reported hazards, or requested for a gun license) as well as no ideas.

Unless one considers, therefore, the speculation reported by the French weekly Marianne and also the Belgian press concerning 2 recent examinations performed by Karaivaz: the first, a peculiar system including designs, actually call girls, where a renowned TELEVISION star was doing favors for important political and also economic numbers; and a 2nd investigation into the friendship with the top echelons of the previous supervisor of the National Theatre, Dimitris Lignadis, implicated of sexual assault, which nearly cost the Minister of Culture her job.

Currently, it appears like a practically perfect crime, one of those instances that could have starred the commissioner Kostas Jaritos of the famous Greek crime novelist Petros Markaris or can have been informed by Kavairaz himself on his television network, among the most prominent in the country for the detractions it has actually discovered, and also which has the cops, according to the everyday Kathimerini, thoroughly exploring his computer system, his bullet-riddled cellphone and his blog (, which focuses on the mafias that control Athens nightlife.