Pornstars are quitting the industry to make money on OnlyFans

A male pornography celebrity has quit the porn sector and now makes a whopping 5 times his previous wage performing kinky requests on OnlyFans. The award-winning adult entertainment actor spoke out concerning his new occupation on the “obscene” registration service, OnlyFans.

Jason Luv, whose genuine name is Jason Thomas, is from Lafayette, Louisiana. The 35-year-old became well known for carrying out high-budget shoots with popular female adult entertainment celebrities. Now, he as well as his Sexy Ass control his own material as an OnlyFans producer.

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Pornstars are using OnlyFans to interact with their fans

OnlyFans …

The new social media phenomenon in Greece: TikTok

A new social media phenomenon has also taken Greece by storm: Tiktok has been the most download mobile app during recent months, and the tendency isn’t fading.

Tiktok has been described as “a fun and creative application for posting animations, videos, and gifs.”
These are some of the benefits pointed by some of its users

  • “Thinking outside the box”
  • “Posting colorful and quirky videos”  
  • “Sharing your thoughts with friends via a ‘virtual’ social circle”.

But there are also some negative effects pointed:

  • “It’s an app for teens”
  • “Content described as tiktok xxx is spreading

Greece – Tourism opening on 14 May

Greece has dropped quarantine requirements and announced it will now welcome tourists who have been vaccinated against covid-19 or have a negative PCR test performed up to 72 hours before travel.

Greece’s Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis told CNN on Monday that the country “is taking the first steps, which are the beginning of a gradual opening process leading to a full opening of tourism on May 14.

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Under the new rules, Greece is willing to receive vaccinated or covid-tested tourists from the most relevant markets for the country, which includes countries in the European Union, …

Greece lowering taxes for digital nomads

Few digital nomads who choose Greece as their new home will, from next year, benefit from a new tax incentive.

It’s a 50% reduction in income tax, a measure aimed at attracting talent to Greece who, through technology, choose to work remotely, without depending on a fixed headquarters.

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This was the path that French Charlotte, chose about a month ago. She decided to move to Greece for at least a year while running a few well-known sites for the French public, including a site specializing in sexe amateur content.

She arrived before she knew about …

Greek investigatory reporter Yorgos Karaivaz shot dead in Athens

Death awaited Greek investigatory reporter Yorgos Karaivaz before his residence in the suburb of Alimos, on the borders of Athens.

At around 2.30 p.m. on 9 April, thus numerous various other Fridays after the program of the program Truths with Zina on the exclusive Star TV network, Karaivaz, 52, born in Drama (northeast Greece), parked in a park near his residence, uninformed that this time his end was near.

Yorgos Karaivaz shot dead in Athens

His murderer had actually come to the scene seven mins previously on a scooter driven by another man, took out a 9 mm gun with a …

Greece to replace current migrant camps

Greece declared before the end of 2019, that the 3 biggest migrant camps situated in the Aegean Sea, more exactly on the islands of Lesbos, Samos, and Chios, will be supplanted by closed structures that will significantly increase their capacity. The date for the conclusion was not determined yet, however, this substitution is a top priority right now, in order to decongest these islands in terms of population, as pointed out recently in a press conference held by the special mandatory for migration of the Greek government.

The vast majority of the newcomers are either …