The new social media phenomenon in Greece: TikTok

A new social media phenomenon has also taken Greece by storm: Tiktok has been the most download mobile app during recent months, and the tendency isn’t fading.

Tiktok has been described as “a fun and creative application for posting animations, videos, and gifs.”
These are some of the benefits pointed by some of its users

  • “Thinking outside the box”
  • “Posting colorful and quirky videos”  
  • “Sharing your thoughts with friends via a ‘virtual’ social circle”.

But there are also some negative effects pointed:

  • “It’s an app for teens”
  • “Content described as tiktok xxx is spreading everywhere”
  • “Provoking violence and aggressive behavior if one is not careful”.
Tiktok among most used social media apps

Although Tiktok has been an instant hit with the young audience of Greek society, it’s still unknown how this social media will affect the future. People are curious about how this app will influence the younger generation’s perception of social media — whether it will be positive or negative.

Tiktok is a mobile app that allows users to post animated videos in seconds without any effort or experience.. Not only that, but the app also has incredible addictive power.

This article is telling you how this app has taken over Greece and what we can learn from it.

Before 2020, used by teenagers, after being used by almost all ages. Perhaps due to the quarantine periods that also happened in Greece as well as the majority of the world, TikTok seemed to have become the most popular social media app in Greece. This addictive app has also been used by other members of a family and not only younger generations.

It’s quite common to see parents joining the fun in a video or two hosted by their child, but then they also register for the app and start uploading their own videos.

GreekTikTok “I just got Tiktok and it’s fun! It is probably addictive but I haven’t seen any negative effects.”

@Olivia_Stathopoulos May 9, 2021

Kostas Papaioannou, social media manager at the popular Greek mobile app developer Pepenada, agrees that some are skeptical about this app.

During the Middle Ages, the Greek city-states were among Europe’s cultural centers and experts of industry, politics, and philosophy. Why is this relevant? Because it causes more changes in society than we can understand. You will be shocked once you realize how much this new social media has changed our lives…

Now, some of the questions we should be investigating further, are:

How are we going to approach this phenomenon?
Isn’t it healthy to talk and share with others?
Or are we all becoming more childish?

I believe that this type of social media will help us find answers. It seems as though people can be more creative and beautiful in their videos, but this doesn’t mean that they should not be careful. Remember that many online users have problems with cyberbullying or even harassment.